September 2018

Is a DIY Will kit enough?

Posted By Chris Smith,
27/09/2018 12:00 PM
More than 45% of Australians don’t have a valid Will. If you die without one, your hard-earned wealth (your estate) will be distributed according to the rules of intestacy – a...

Compounding: it’s simply magic!

Posted By Chris Smith,
25/09/2018 15:00 PM
Forget about location, location, location being the key to a good investment outcome. For now, let’s think of the most important ingredient as being regular, regular, regular! A regular...

If I was 25 again, I would... be wary of investment fads

Posted By John Cachia,
06/09/2018 15:12 PM
Today it's cypto-currencies like Bitcoin. In 2000 it was technology shares. In 1987 it was shares in general, and way back in the seventeenth century investors were going nuts over tulip bulbs. When...