Five reasons to refinance your home loan

Posted By Levent Aldogan,
15/08/2019 15:37 PM
Many people treat their home loan as a set-and-forget, riding out whatever the original loan terms and prevailing interest rates dish up. They may be doing themselves a disservice, as there are severa...

Traps to avoid in retirement - Investing too conservatively

Posted By John Cachia,
15/08/2019 15:00 PM
There’s a common view that as you approach retirement you should tilt your investment portfolio towards more conservative investments. This means favouring things like term deposits, annuities and cas...

Don’t wait until your 60s to see a financial adviser

Posted By John Cachia,
30/07/2019 10:59 AM
Ask most 30 year olds who their financial adviser is and the typical response might be ‘huh?’ After all, financial advisers are for older people with plenty of money to invest, aren’...

Traps to avoid in retirement - Going too hard too fast

Posted By John Cachia,
23/07/2019 15:29 PM
Retirement: you’ve made it! And one of the rewards for all your hard work is that you can now access your superannuation. Suddenly a world of opportunities opens up – a Caribbean cruise, m...

The growth of ethical investing

Posted By John Cachia,
17/07/2019 19:31 PM
As we move towards a more sustainable future, we have noticed a shift in investor preferences towards ethically and socially responsible investments. Challenges such as climate change, equal pay and h...

Health insurance… yes or no?

Posted By Levent Aldogan,
15/07/2019 10:00 AM
The argument has been waged for many years - do I take out health insurance or do I invest the same amount each year and if I get sick, the money will be available (and it's earning me interest!)? As...

Tax rules do not treat all income equally

Posted By John Cachia,
08/07/2019 13:56 PM
Anyone who has completed their own tax return will know that the tax office treats different types of income differently. Bank interest is recorded in one section, dividends from shares in another and...

5 small business strategies for kick-starting the financial year.

Posted By John Cachia,
04/07/2019 16:00 PM
How often do you give your business finances a tidy-up? As another end-of-financial-year rolls by, now is as good a time as any to undertake a bit of housekeeping. The stresses of running a small bu...

RBA cuts the cash rate to an all time low

Posted By John Cachia,
17/06/2019 18:55 PM
At the start of this month the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut official cash rate by 0.25% to a record low of 1.25%. The rate cut was implemented in response to a slow-down in economic growth whic...

Why it just got harder to get a home loan

Posted By Levent Aldogan,
17/06/2019 11:00 AM
Anyone applying for a home loan these days will find that there are more hurdles to jump than has recently been the case. So why is it harder to get a home loan? And what can you do to improve your ch...