February 2019

When Shane met JK

Posted By John Cachia,
21/02/2019 15:33 PM
On Tuesday (19th February 2019) one of our adviser assistants, John Koutsouroupas (or JK as we affectionately call him) was fortunate enough to attend an exclusive event hosted by...

The relationship between interest rates and housing affordability

Posted By Levent Aldogan,
21/02/2019 13:29 PM
It goes without saying that homebuyers love low interest rates. The lower the interest rate the less the mortgage repayments on a particular house, right? Well, maybe. Lower interest rates also...

Making interest-free deals work for you

Posted By John Cachia,
12/02/2019 12:00 PM
They have been around for decades but interest-free deals can still be confusing and costly when not managed correctly. Excitable advertising can make these offers almost too good to refuse,...