May 2019

Return of the trade war

Posted By Chris Smith,
21/05/2019 13:48 PM
This month we have seen both local and overseas markets continue to remain volatile. This has been caused largely by the recurrence of the US/China trade war. For a while, both countries seemed to be...

Placing your family wealth in trust

Posted By John Cachia,
19/05/2019 14:56 PM
The basic function of a trust is to separate control and ownership. The result of using a trust is that assets are protected and profits are distributed in the most tax-effective way. There is no...

8 common financial mistakes people make in their 30s

Posted By Levent Aldogan,
06/05/2019 20:41 PM
Climbing the career ladder, perhaps buying a home and starting a family – the 30s are an exciting stage of life. However, the decisions made now can make a big difference to future financial...