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"I have worked with AFA Group Wealth for the past decade. During this time I have been able to buy a house & start my own electrical company. John Cachia and his team are prompt and professional. They provide accurate and informative responses and will go beyond expectations in order for you to achieve your financial goals. Even when I needed them to claim for income protection insurance, they were there. I highly recommend AFA Group Wealth and their friendly staff. Great Job, big thumbs up!"

Damien Williams, Alloy Electrical Services




"The last 8 months have been the most challenging months I have ever endured in my adult life. Becoming unemployed due to medical illness stripped me of my income and my quality of life.

When I thought of using my income protection I assumed that I would only suffer more and be put under the microscope for payments. John and his team made this process seamless and easy. This allowed me to move on with my personal life and concentrate on my health and new career aspirations.

John and his team have always kept a sense of absolute professionalism whilst also being friendly, understanding and extremely compassionate.

I am very glad that I have John and the AFA Group Wealth team looking after my financials and financial future and would not recommend anyone else.

John and his team are a firm that can be trusted and will no doubt be apart of my life’s financial journey, indefinitely.

Thank you AFA Group Wealth!"

Peter Cornell & Family



"you just make everything so easy for us, even though we are in Tasmania"

"We love working with you because you just make everything so easy for us, even though we are in Tasmania the way you look after us i see it easier then dealing with someone that was in Launceston. Scott and I both trust you all that you are finding the best deals for us and looking after our best interests and putting us first.

The benefits were you were always reviewing our case and looking at all the ways we can get a better deal on our mortgage, without us having to ask or know what is happening in the market, you did it all for us, without you looking into it for us, we wouldn?t now be on a lower interest rate as well as being able to add improvements to our home.

I always tell people that if they need advice to give you a call would recommend you 100% of the time, as I said before we feel that we trust you that you are truly finding us the best deals on mortgages and life insurance etc, not just selling us what you will get the most commission from, which some companys' can make you feel like You are all so easy to talk to and make it easy for us to understand all the financial jargon we don't quite get.

And it's all just a few phone calls and emails, you always kept us up to date and never felt forgotten about."

Scott & Sarah Richards




"We like working with the AFA Group Wealth because they are a friendly, professional group, who go over and beyond what is expected to help cater for our financial planning.We were able to consolidate our debts into one with very competitive interest rates which is so much easier to manage. We would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to go to them for advice. We found them easy to work with and they gave us advice to meet our needs and make our financial situation much easier to manage. They have put together a strategy to enable us to have the best case scenario for our retirement. They are always working behind the scenes, trying to get the best interest rates and the best superannuation outcome for us. They are always looking at the current financial market both locally and worldwide to give the best possible service and advice to their clients."

Antonio & Francesca Manago



"we don't know how we would have managed without them"

 "We have been associated with AFA Group for some years now. This year has been a dramatic one for us as we sold a large family home and both retired from our jobs through ill health. John has spent many hours working with us, helping us to sort out our future financial needs. He has also investigated the financial benefits and entitlements that we needed to access.

John and the team undertook to supervise the paperwork and follow up reports from health professionals necessary to bring these claims to their natural conclusion.

During the time we have worked with John he has demonstrated a professional and at the same time caring and supportive approach. Some of the work has been painstaking and tedious but we experienced a timely and satisfactory closure.

We don't know how we would have managed without the staff of AFA Group Wealth at our side. I recommend them without reservation to anyone needing some financial guidance."

Peter & Cathie Eynaud



"they planned our financial future and retirement"

"They formulated a strategy and plan for our consideration, which we loved.

We first contacted the AFA Group Wealth in November 2013 after a recommendation by Wendy's superannuation fund, having just retired due to health issues. We required a review of our current financial situation, future plans and in particular Darryl's superannuation, which had not been reviewed for some time.

After an assessment of our financial position by the AFA Group Wealth, they formulated a strategy and plan for our consideration, which we loved. They planned our financial future and retirement. They took control of the changes to our investments and superannuation for us.

Due to a severe injury, Wendy was unable to work and forced into an early retirement, so we were planning with only one income and a limited amount of assets to live out our retirement. Our adviser illustrated that Wendy had an income protection policy under her employer sponsored superannuation fund and there was a potential claim. They helped us from application to claim payment and gave us a great sense of relief. We definitely didn't expect it and it was great that we are now in this position with a second income stream.

The team at the AFA Group Wealth are quite helpful and obliging. They are very knowledgeable and there isn't anything that they would not try to help you with and we have no problem to recommend them to others, in fact, we already have mentioned the wonderful service to family and friends."

Darryl & Wendy Thompson



"the accident was the last thing i expected"

"They took care of all the hard work so I could focus on recovering..."

"As a self-employed electrician with a growing business, I was starting to get bigger jobs and contracts, so I went to seek some advice from the AFA Group Wealth. They helped me to put in place the right insurance policies to ensure safety for my staff, my clients and my business.

Business was going really well but then, about a year ago, I was working on a main switchboard which exploded, right in front of me.

I suffered an electric shock which caused severe nerve damage to my hand, as well as third degree burns to my face, eyes and damage to my lungs.

I have been off work ever since and because of my injuries, I can never go back to that type of work again. I've had 2 operations, including several skin grafts and I'm still recovering from the burns and nerve damage.

I'd discussed income protection insurance with the AFA Group Wealth  not long before my accident and mentioned I'd taken out income protection in 2010, which I'd lost track of. I didn't think the policy would cover me for this accident, but they thought it was worth looking into.

The AFA Group Wealth were fantastic. They followed this up for me and found I was eligible to make a claim. As I was only able to look at my claim a few months after my accident, they also organised for me to be back-paid right up to the date of my injury.

The AFA Group Wealth took care of all of the hard work so I could focus on recovering; all I had to do was sign the paperwork. When I was dealing with them, it was just like talking to a friend.

When I was still working I'd been saving up for my wedding, so having income protection in place meant we could still have the wedding we'd been planning for.

This accident was the last thing I expected to happen. I was really lucky the AFA Group Wealth had me covered."

Dave Power



"It is the Best thing I've ever done for myself"

 "I first sought the help of the AFA Group Wealth about two years ago, as I needed a complete overhaul of my finances and was seeking help in all areas of financial management. Specifically, I wanted to save to buy a property and secure my financial future.

 My AFA Group Wealth adviser reviewed my complete financial position and in consultation with myself, drew up a solid financial plan which I was really happy with. Having my budget plan done was probably one of the best aspects of the service I've received and I have found it very easy to stick to. Just knowing I'm heading in the right direction with my finances was what I really wanted to achieve and has helped me to feel more secure about my future.

I'm positive if I had not received the help of the AFA Group Wealth I'd be still renting and not saving very well. I've been completely happy with the advice solutions my adviser has put together for me. It is the best thing I've ever done for myself and I wish I'd sought this advice years ago!"




"financial coach to guide you"

"It's like having a financial coach to guide you through the steps to make sure you are reaching your goals"

 "A few months ago I started looking at my super accounts and doing my calculations for my future and the results were far from what I had expected. I wanted to be able to take control and be smarter with my finances now, so that I'd have nothing to worry about when it came to later on in life, which is why I got in touch with the AFA Group Wealth.

This was the first time I had been to see a financial adviser, so I was a little sceptical initially about whether this was really the right thing for me. My first meeting with the AFA Group Wealth helped me to gain an understanding about what a financial adviser could do for me and my adviser really laid all of my doubts to rest. He was extremely knowledgeable about the finance industry, understood my needs and I immediately felt he was someone I could trust, which was important to me.

One of the best things the AFA Group Wealth has done for me is develop a personalised budget planner. This is an area I have had trouble with in the past and it really helps me to keep within my limits. My adviser also likes to draw pictures for me on the white board to show me how my financial plan is taking me from where I am now, to where I want to be in the future. It's like having a financial coach to guide you through the steps to make sure you are reaching your goals.

If I didn't have this financial plan I would have been stuck in the same situation I have been in for a while, which was spending all of my money, getting myself further into debt and not thinking about my financial future.

When I started to organise my financial situation with the AFA Group Wealth, sorting out finances soon became a hot topic of conversation amongst my friends and I found that not many people actually know what financial planners do and how much they can help. Going through this process has given me a much better understanding of my finances and overall I've been really happy with the service I've received from the team at the AFA Group Wealth."

Alex Navarro


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